DATA - CREATIVE - COMPOSITION: what we do for IGS clients


We analyze and interpret the client’s existing data or create new data sets for them.  THE LOGIC!

We conceive of a highly compelling, emotive, and unique story for the client. THE STORY!

We film/record/photograph/write and produce content.  THE CONTENT!


The Problem, Solution & Process


To actually achieve a growth target, clients must tell a data-driven, emotionally compelling, accessible story.

The problem: the client is completely focused on running her business and although the founder is a creative genius, she is telling a stale story which is not driving growth.  There's only so many times you can sing the virtues of an ingredient, a manufacturing process or a founder's story.  In addition, the client cannot budget for a huge marketing & content spend.

The solution: partner with our Integrated Growth Services to conceive of, create, and effectively disseminate, your brand story.  And, do so without paying the usual (absurdly high!) prices.

The process: we start by understanding the brand and analyzing its data.  We create additional data if needed.  From scratch we create a unique, emotional and visceral story.  We film, photo, write it.  We produce and post-produce it.  We advise on effective distribution streams.  We monitor and communicate with additional data.

The result: we just made you a story that makes people laugh or cry and think of your brand in a whole new light, telling your story and driving sales.