Our Approach

We work with growing brands in the beauty, fashion, fitness and health sectors by providing them big data analytics, uniquely creative content, and holistic branding and business strategies.

We believe our primary job is to provide value to our clients. Whether we analyze data, create content, or iterate business strategies, we believe our final products should be leveraged across media channels and throughout the brand.

You founded it.  You grew it to a respectable size.  Our job is to turbo charge that growth by creating a new story for your brand.  Story = Growth!

Our Story

Meet the Executive Team

Based in New York City, our team has decades of experience in business, creative and content production.

Jeremy L. Hill

Business Manager & Director of Data Services

Jeremy is a 20 year Wall Street Veteran having managed several multi-national banking and investment groups.  He is also a long-time entrepreneur having co-founded and sold two companies. He is responsible for the overall day-to-day operations of Midas, business development opportunities, and the Data Services business.

Kari Otero

Business Manager & Director of Photography

Kari is a New York City based photographer specializing in portraits, large parties and boudior photography.  Kari is responsible for new creative initiatives and the overall photographic direction of the company.  Kari was previously the creative director and manager of a large Broadway/dramatic charitable foundation.  In addition, Kari is a business manager of Midas.

Andy Kaynor

Creative Director

Andy is a creative genius.  No, actually, he is.  Whether it’s ice sculpting on David Letterman (true story) to building websites and logos, to creating and running multiple creative and branding campaigns for medium sized businesses, he’s done it.   Andy is the creative director of the company and responsible for the overall creative vision of each campaign and client

Ben Seligman

Producer & Head of Cinematography

Ben gravitated to film making and technology from a young age.  Starting with extreme sports and music, Ben's love of the creative process, and his passion for technical excellence and technique have been at the center of his ability to use film to portray a specific vision. For the past five years Ben has been involved in a wide variety of film projects - TV shows, commercials, reality TV, movies and digital productions.

Midas OpCo TEAM

Midas Team

Midas is rounded out by NYC and Los Angeles based data & strategy, creative, film & photography, copy (writing), web, and social & digital media experts with wide experience sets having worked at major creative and advertising houses.